Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Night Before 1st Day of School

This year's back to school prep has been a little ragged.  A couple of school clothes shopping trips happened in 3 different states and school supply lists were a combination of  9 PM run to Walmart last night and what was left from last year.

To make sure that everyone had new clothes for tomorrow, without seeming like a bad mom that couldn't remember, at dinner tonight I asked everyone to tell us what they were wearing tomorrow.  After the 3rd kid's response, I realized that it perfectly characterized them and I had to record it.   The best news of the conversation was that everyone did have new clothes to wear on the first day!

Molly:  “Uh, my first day of school clothes”

Jake: “A red shirt and new pants (the kids that love to wear jeans in the 100 degree ht, none of the rest of us can figure it out) and my new backpack

Caleb:  “Awesome new shirt, awesome new shorts, awesome new socks, awesome new shoes, and awesome new backpack.”

Aly:  “My dark red tank-top, with the grey Justice shirt that says Hope on the front and goes to about right here,  my new gray pants that have pockets all over on them, my …….….“Mom, do you think my pink shoes would look good”……… pink shoes, and a silver clip in my hair.

Abby:  “My Justice dress that says “rock on” and my sketchers and black shorts…….. that Aly has on right now.

AJ:  “My new blue shoes, my not so new white socks, a new shirt and pair of non-athletic shorts so I will please my mother.


The Leader Of This Crazy Clan said...

All are just too funny! I think my favorite is "the ones Aly have on right now!!" Only because I can relate!! Have a great school year Burns family!!

McEntire Family said...

Ah, back to school! I'm just happy when my kinder son actually puts his clothes on without me dragging off his pj's. He needs a motivational coach every morning! So fun to see a post from you!