Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas: Burns Style

One of the trickiest parts of getting married is figuring out holiday traditions.  Al & I each came from families with great Christmas traditions.  It took a few years, but we now have worked out the kinks on our own family's traditions and love them!  

6:30 PM:  Panda Express Picnic in the light of the Christmas Tree with Christmas music playing.

7:15 PM:  Family walk around the neighborhood to see all the pretty Christmas lights.  

7:45 PM:  Making Goodies for Santa:  cookies & banana bread

8:00 PM  Using NORAD Santa Track to watch Santa's Progress & make sure he is headed our way

 9:00 PM- Matching PJ's thanks to Grandma Laurie followed with "Find the Pickle."  The kids race to find where the pickle ornament has been hidden in the tree.  The first to find it gets to open the first present of Christmas.

Abby was the winner this year!

9:30 PM  Official Showing of the BURNS FAMILY 2012 DVD.  Every year I make each of the kids a music video using the the pictures we have for each one of them over the last year, plus I make a video of family pics.  This year a party song seemed the best fit, it seemed that our family was either working really hard or partying (almost everything turns into a party with 9 people under one roof!)

Burns Family 2012 Video

10:00 PM  Movie, Joy to the World.  A movie put out by our church that shows the birth of the Savior put to some awesome Christmas Music.

10:30 PM  All the kids sound asleep.

2 AM  Al finishes Grandma Lindley's secret recipe of Christmas Danishes.  Yummy!

7:30 AM  The Line-Up, Youngest to Oldest

7:32 AM  Living Room w/ Santa's goods all wrapped up.

7:41 AM  Everything open..

9:30 AM  Breakfast of Grandma's Danish, cereal with tons of sugar in it (Cocoa Pebbles, Fruit Loops, Lucky Charms) that Santa brought, eggnog, and fruit.

10:00 AM  Open Presents from Grandmas

1 PM- 5PM  Took lunch to a shelter for 10 kids 16-21 and Dinner at a shelter for 6 kids 8-18.  Perfect way to spend the rest of the day.  We all walked away realizing how grateful we were for each other.



McEntire Family said...

You guys are awesome! What fun traditions! Great house too! Happy New Year!

Marisa said...

One of the best Christmas Eve dinners we had was Panda Express, I'm jealous.